Saturday, May 5, 2012

Say It Saturday

Welcome to Say It Saturday where grand parent bloggers are invited to link their blog post about grandparenting right here. Last week I made some new online friends! Googie’s Attic, AmaraLand, What Happen’s at Grandma’s, Confessions of a Grandma, Grandparentsplus2 and Senior Homes joined me for a Say It Saturday link party.

Please click through each link and read the bloggers who join me this week.  Be sure to leave a comment or follow them in some way, they would love that!
I will be hosting a link up party, Say It Saturday, here every Saturday for grand parenting blogs. The link will be open until the next Tuesday night so if you forget about it on Saturday, you can add it up until then. This is something new for Family Home and Life so please help me get the word out.

If you are a grandparent and blog about it, you can add your link here every Saturday at Say It Saturday.

  • Please only link to a post about grand parenting on your blog, not to the home page
  • Link that post back to Family Home and Life, just say so at the bottom of your post with a link
  • You may link up to 3 post, but please do not relink a post linked here previously
  • While you are here, check out other grand parenting blogs who linked up
  •  We all love comments so please leave some comments here and on other linked up blogs
  •  Consider following them in some way; your choice of social media or otherwise, we all want more followers!
  • No Etsy shops or giveaways please


  1. Thank you for doing this, Connie. It's going over well and is appreciated!

    1. Thank you Lisa for linking up with me! I hope you will be back next week :)

  2. Thank you Connie for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Hope that it goes well for you.

    Never a dull moment in our house. Raising a granddaughter (Lucy not her real name) who is now 7 certainly keeps me on my toes, she has been in our care since she was nearly 2 1/2. Raising grandchildren is so different from when I was raising my own, with that in mind a wrote a book 'Grandchildren, Our Hopes and Dreams: A Modern and Practical Guide to Raising Grandchildren' if you live outside of New Zealand it can be purchased at, Barnes and Nobles & Amazon.

    1. Thanks for linking up with me. Yes it is very different from when we raised our kids. What a great book idea, I hope it does well for you.

  3. Thank you for the "reminder" Connie! I had always intended to follow you, too...then I'd get into one of your posts and have a "senior moment" and forget all about hitting the "subscribe" button. There! DONE!

    1. Glad you got to link up. Thanks for following me. I also have a Family Home and Life Facebook page :)


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