Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breakfast Veggies

Here's a dish I cook for myself as breakfast on occasion. You can never get enough veggies, and breakfast is a good place to start. The finished dish wouldn't win any beautiful food photo contest but I promise, looks are deceiving. It is delicious!

Spinach and Scrambled Eggs

I've poured about 1 ½ cups of chopped frozen Spinach into my skillet that's on medium heat.

 When it is thawed, I push it to the outside and drop in 2 eggs.

Then I give it a good stir trying to avoid the spinach. This is only because I detest uncooked egg, white or yolk; it could be stirred into the spinach right away.

After that, I drop a couple of spoonfuls of cream cheese at the edge of the skillet to start softening while the eggs cook. I continue to give the eggs a stir until they are pretty well set.

Then I sprinkle on some salt, a couple of pinches of ground nutmeg, and a few shakes of cayenne pepper. It very good with out the pepper, I just like my food spicy. Now it is all stirred together till the cheese is melted and incorporated well.

It can be topped off with grated cheese, your favorite kind, but I didn't think I needed the extra calories today so I left it plain. I told you it wasn't pretty! But really good and good for you too.

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  1. Well, I read this and went right to my kitchen to make it! I love spinach and had all the ingredients. It IS very good! I tried it w/out the pepper first but it lacked the right flavor. With pepper it is perfect! It is healthy and filling. The best part was when the 3 kiddos looked at it, said "yuck!" and ran away! That meant the whole thing was MINE! YUM! Thank you for the recipe, Connie!

  2. You got me with the cream cheese. Grampy has been requesting we find more ways to incorporate spinach into our diet so I will definitely give it a try -- heavy on the peppers!

  3. J, so glad you liked it!

    Grandma KC, if it has cream cheese it has to be good right?! I say cream cheese makes anything better :)


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