Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Post

I was asked to do a guest post for Sally at Raising Grandchildren. Sally lives in New Zealand and began a blog as a way of connecting with others, who like her, are raising their grand children out of necessity. Sally has also written a book about raising grandchildren in today’s world with all of its challenges titled, Grand Children; Our Hopes and Dreams.

I do hope you will visit her blog and read my post there, and scroll on down and read the guest post by some other really great writers. Here is the link to my guest post there.
As I re read what I wrote for Sally, I thought about how grandparents raising their grandkids may have a hard time finding others they can relate to. My parents didn’t fit in with my friend’s parents because of the age difference. And yet, friends their ages didn’t have small children under foot to deal with so slowly they became disconnected from their previous social life.
I know that on occasion when I, alone, have accompanied one of my grandkids to an event or class of some sort I often felt a little left out because other mommy’s are not as interested in having a conversation with me. I always look around the crowd for other people who look like they could be grandparents that I may be able to connect with. We all tend to want to gather with those who are like us.
Do you know anyone who is raising their grand children? If so, what are the challenges they struggle with the most?

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