Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

The last day of June; I can't believe it! I had some things I planned on getting done this month, projects I have been putting off and I still haven't started them! I guess I’ll try again this next month. By the way, I have a new Grandparent Blogger Directory. Look for it there at the top, and please add your blog.

Most of you know Lisa from Grandma’s Briefs I’m sure, but if you don’t please stop by and say hello. Her state of CO is on fire, and while she and her house have been safe, many in her city have not been as lucky. Lisa also hosts GRAND Social every Monday and you can link up there too. Thinking of you often, Lisa, and prayers coming your way.
This link is closing on Monday night, now that I have Wow Us Wednesday as to not confuse linkers who stop by where they need to link up. Remember, if you are of grand parenting age and blog, you are eligible here even if it is not about grand parenting; please just keep it family friendly :)

Add your link here every Saturday at Grandparent's Say It Saturday.
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  • I have a new Grandparetn Blogger Directory, I hope you will add your blog there

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  1. Thanks for the grandparent blog directory. I love finding new bloggers when I visit!

  2. Thanks for visiting Grams Made It. I've linked to your linky and I've added my blog to your directory. I will come back tomorrow and visit the other links on this post. It's 11:45 p.m. in South Texas. I'm off to bed.


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