Monday, November 5, 2012

"Can't Help But Love You, Baby" Giveaway

**Update! We have a winner! Kc send me your mailing address! You have won this CD!

I recently received a children's music CD, "Can't Help but Love You, Baby" by Montreal singer/song writer Karen Potje. This is a Parent's Choice recommendation for children, so I was delighted to listen to it with my grand kids. Incorporating music into our days is something I try to make happen if only for the sole purpose of getting them to burn off some energy. One day I put on Jazz, the next Classical or Rock and encourage them to dance, often from the comfort of my recliner :) But the kids really love having music that's all about them and what they think about. "Can't Help but Love You, Baby" is just that, and bot can they boogie to it!

This CD is a delightful collection of 14 songs for kids and grownups, I might add. It's lively music for all who love to dance and sing with their kids. The songs are quirky, catchy, clever and tuneful. Your kids will love the lyrics and you'll love the fact that this is a kids' CD you can enjoy yourself!

Karen is accompanied by some of Montreal's finest musicians on these tunes.  "Can't Help but Love You, Baby" brings you a mix of country and jazz with a bit of rock and roll and cha-cha thrown in for fun. Listen to this really cute one about Garbage Day.

You can find out more about Karen and this album at or email her at potjek(at)gmail(dot)com. 

* Disclosure* I received this album free for review purposes, and I also received one to give away to you! I'll announce the winner next week. Good luck!

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  1. How do I not know her, I live in Montreal???
    I could just walk over and pick up my prize lol
    Going to check out her site now - thanks for the info!

  2. Well, I will be singing garbage day every time the truck pulls up the street from now on.

  3. We would listen with the kiddos! My 3 year old loves to sing!!

  4. That sure sounds like fun! I neglect dancing with the grandkids - probably becaue I didn't think of doing it "from the comfort of my recliner" like you do! Thanks for the great idea. The dance parties start this week!

  5. I would listen to it with my kids and new twin nephews

  6. I'd be listening with two little boys who LOVE to dance. (And I don't mean my dogs!)

  7. I can just see you sitting and relaxing for a moment while they sing and dance their little hearts out. I do the same thing when Amara sings and dances but I usually grab the camera, too!


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