Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

Hello everyone! As I said last week I met Lisa from Grandma's Briefs for the first time and I have a picture to prove it ;) thanks to Bubby! I just couldn't believe that little guy could take our picture but he did it. What great kids Lisa's grand sons are

It was so good to talk with a fellow grandparent AND blogger; to talk to someone who not only understands what you mean when you talk 'blog' business but also understands our grandma limitations and issues. Is there such thing as a grandma blogger conference or gathering of some sort? Well maybe we should start our own! Who's with me?! We would have us a time wouldn't we? Well, well.........I would love to meet you all, I can dream right?

Life around here is busy as usual. I feel human again with it being cooler and actually planted my horse trough planter with Swiss chard and beets. The little seedlings are popping through the soil now and I hope to harvest them for most of the winter. It's a little late for planting anything but I just couldn't make myself do it any earlier due to the heat. What are you doing around your place this fall? 

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  1. UGH this weeks weather's been rain and rain and more rain from Sandy...trick or treat was delayed until this Saturday but it's very wet and muddy..this will be ( cross fingers ) our first rainless day in a week! :)

  2. How cool is that? Great picture of the two of you. I am so glad that you were able to get together and I am sure there were no quiet moments:)

    Thanks for hosting, Connie:)

  3. What a cute picture of you three from Bubby!
    What fun a grandma blogger convention would be! We have expert presenters in the area of tech, writing, photography, and gardening, just to name a few! That would make it tax deductable, right? :)

  4. A grandma blog convention sounds like a fun idea. Anyone out there with that kind of organizing experience?

  5. I'm so jealous that you two were able to get together. In the words of Scarlett O'Hara, I'm absolutely "pea green with envy." I vote YES on a grandparents blog conference. I would not be able to resist attending.

  6. Wow! Thanks, Connie. It *was* a great time meeting! I'm so glad you traveled a bit to visit. And I, too, was pretty surprised Bubby's pictures actually worked. :-D Yes, let's do a Grandma Conference! Maybe we should plan something for next fall?
    My link today is a recipe and as I have all comments on my recipes shut off (I would forget to look there for comments and later found some pretty non-grandma-like ickiness there), so no need to comment. Just enjoy the bagel recipe...and know bagels are far easier than I ever thought before giving it a shot.
    Happy Saturday, one and all! C'mon by on Monday and link up at my place. Cheers!

  7. Yes, wouldn't it be fun to have a grandma blogger get together. I wish we lived closer.
    : )

  8. Oh what fun! I'd love to join in but this year, I suspect extra grandparent-duty coupled with my senior mom's health needs will be keeping me pretty close to home. Such are the seasons of life in the Sandwich Generation. But maybe next year... :) And oh my! I also have to add MEGA KUDOS for the great job with the dishwasher. Awesome!!!!


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