Saturday, February 2, 2013

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

Arizona is back to it's typical winter weather and I am glad! I thought I would freeze before it warmed up again. Gosh, I know I am so spoiled here with some of you really in the cold weather. Here are some pics from last summer I never got around to posting for you. Just a little fun at my house. 

Look what this little guy is up against most days.

 "Hello?! Where are the girls?"
 "Shhhh! We are hiding from the big bad wolf " aka, little guy.

 "I'll just play doctor by myself I guess."

 "Playing house by myself isn't that much fun either; where are those girls?"

The littlest had mercy on him and came out to play. It's not fun to hide when no one is looking for you anyway.
 Alright, all of them are out and it's time for a round of gymnastics practice.

Hey, little guy can do that too :) Finally someone to play with.
I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. oh my goodness this was hysterical!! they are all so darn cute but the storyline was a blast :)

  2. Now we know why you are forever young and happy!

  3. Ha! Love the girls on the couch. So much like my girls (daughters not granddaughters) were many years ago. Cute stuff.

    So what's up with the change in linky app? Should I be changing the GRAND Social over to this one? Funny: I do two Saturday link parties and BOTH have changed the way they do the links. Maybe I'm behind the times after being in the cold of Arizona last week and unable to be online much. :-D

    Thanks for hosting! Happy Saturday.

    1. Not having a backyard for the kids to play in they need to get rid of their energy inside....makes for fun times!

  4. I LOVE the pics on the couch! SO. Much. Fun!

    Thanks for hosting.

  5. How fun! Bet my grandkids would have enjoyed playing with your grandkids! Have your grandkids ever built pillow forts with the couches? My grandkids love to do that. Course, it helps that my couch set is all pillows that come off - then we add bed pillows to it. :)

    1. The cushions on my couch don't come off but the build lots of forts at home. I am planning on getting my quilting frame out and I'm sure they will use it for a fort. I probably won't get much quilting out of it.

  6. Those pictures are fabulous! We have not been having our normal wonderful weather either -- although this week has been a big improvement. We love our sun! Thanks for hosting.

    1. Love that sun too ;) Thanks for coming by.


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