Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Links You Will Love! WUW Features

I am trying something new. I have such a hard time picking a few favorites from my Wow Us Wednesday link up that I decided to devote a whole post to my favs. There are so many really wonderful post that they all deserve some attention!

4 recipes, DIY for your home, and 3 something new from something old projects! Keep reading for more!

I will start with the food. Looks so good!

Grits get a bad rap, but you know, they are really good! They just don't have a very appealing name. Yesterfood has a wonderful recipe, Down Home Grits Muffins that I think you should try. The recipe kinda reminds me of an old Malt O Meal muffin recipe I use to have. Remember Malt 'O Meal? My kids loved it. Give these Grits Muffins a try, I think you will love them!

chocolate chip cookie pie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie......I don't need to say anything else because that says it all! Be still my heart! Stop over at Your Home Based Mom for her recipe.

Recipe for how to make marinated artichoke hearts from HousewifeHowTos.com

Don't you just love Marinated Artichoke Hearts? Let  Housewife How To's show you how easy it is to make your own. This would be a great hostess gift; and won't you look smart giving them! Check it out :)

Here's another great home made yummy food; Jam Butter from Caramel Potatoes. It would be a wonderful gift also. It doesn't get any easier than this to make; come on you know you want to taste it! It looks so great!

Look at this beautiful entry way from Carissa Miss. She created a beautiful and functional space and you need to click over there and see how she accomplished it all.  A great DIY project.

Callie's Crafts had me laughing while I read her post about painting this headboard! She did something I have been known to do to cleaning it up! I love that! Great job on refinishing it too :)

Denise on a Whim is a creative gal! Look what she made out of a piece of wood most of us would throw out! Head over there to see how she did it.


Ellen at Creative Passage took at thrift store find and made something beautiful to decorate her home with. Look what you can do with paint, it didn't look like that before! So great!

Thanks everyone who linked up! Here's a button if you want one. See you on Wednesday!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my made over candle holder! And thanks for hosting!

  2. Great features this week Connie!

  3. Lovely features, Connie! Love that hook board :-)

  4. Connie, thank you so very much for featuring my Grits Muffins! You are right, grits just don't get the respect they deserve! ;) You know, I had forgotten about those Malt-O-Meal muffins....we'll have to locate those. :) Thanks for all the work you do hosting and featuring!

    Joy @ Yesterfood.blogspot.com

  5. How fun! Thanks Connie, I will check some of these out -- especially chocolate chip cookie pie. We used to serve Toll House Cookie Pie at this restaurant and oh it was so good and I bet that will be, too!

  6. How wonderful that you featured our barn wood hooks! Thanks so much. Can't wait to check out the other features, especially all if that tasty looking food! :)

  7. Connie - thanks so much for featuring our Jam Butter. Sometimes the simpliest recipes are the best! Can't wait to see what shows up at the party this week!

    Have a wonderful Easter-

    Kyra and Jocelyn @ {caramelpotatoes.com}


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