Saturday, August 24, 2013

Say It Saturday

Happy Saturday! Glad you all stopped by today. Well I am still in that vacation mode, that state of mind you get when go out of town and slow down. It's nice and restful but I am not getting anything done around here! We had a nice time last weekend and I don't have one photo to show for it. Forgot to take the camera! 

We spent some time driving to a couple of places we haven't been before in the White Mountains. I totally fell in love! All I am thinking about now is planning a trip back next summer with the grand kids. We drove up to Greer, a tiny little town in the most beautiful of places. There is a little creek running through the middle of it and I just know my grand kids would have the time of their lives splashing around! It was very cool and raining some when we where there and I loved every minute of it. Below is a photo I borrowed off the web site for Greer so you can see how pretty it is.

Can you believe that is Arizona? Not what you think of is it? No we are not all desert here at all! Well enough about that, what have you been up to? Are you wrapping up summer and getting ready for fall? 

I am so glad you stopped by!

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  1. Good Morning Connie! Glad you enjoyed your vaca! :)

  2. Connie, Greer sounds amazing! Cool and rainy in August? Oh my goodness! I love going to little towns.

    Thank you for the lovely party- I always enjoy seeing you and your guests. :)

    Love, Joy

  3. Beautiful place indeed. I would love to come out west. That photo looks like most of Kentucky. Has rained a little shower every day for a week here then the sun pops out. Thanks for hosting this party.


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