Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Just Had a Moment

Excuse me but I just had a moment; after a long day thats still not quite over, a moment of tears running down my face, crying uncontrollably for just the tiniest of moments. Oh don't misunderstand, they were tears of joy, tears of sheer gratitude and love and the realization once again of my many many blessings!

I sat down for a brief moment and started scrolling through the photos on my phone that I have taken over this last year. It has been a busy day, the big kids are out of school and my house is bursting with children. I love days like this one, the kids playing together so well. They laughed and had so much fun and squeezed every ounce out of every moment. Not that there weren't moments of disagreements and a few boo boos. But all the hard work of training them to be kind and polite to each other showed today. The really hard work of being patient while helping them work through being selfish and hard to get along with and instead learning how to share and be fair in play.

And of course the beauty of teaching them about our God and listening to them thank Him for their blessings with their heads bowed before a meal. Oh and loving the part when they say thank you for my grandma with out a prompt of course! Yes I looked through my photos and burst into tears of gratitude! How did I become so blessed? I surely don't know but I am very very grateful!

So tired and knowing that tomorrow will be a busy day of cooking and cleaning up, it will also be a day of tears for me because I am a crier.....and I am sure as I look around at my loved ones gathered to give Thanks, I will be unable to ask a Blessing on our meal as I probably will not be able to speak. Gratitude and humbleness that I have more than I have ever deserved, will probably close my throat and shut off my voice. I am so blessed! 

So really this post is written for me, a selfish note to my self filled with pictures that make me smile as I remember the day when they were taken. These are some of the drops of minutes, captured for all time of some of the loved ones I am so thankful for.

My three monkeys!

They are only months apart in age.

They give me a run for my money everyday!

I am so thankful for these guys!

I've had the privilege to watch them sew a first project!

Copying mom and dad ( or maybe their Gramma!)


Baking with them, so much fun!

I've watched them develop their talents!

And listened to them as they learn to read, such a thrill!

We've played in the dirt.

We planted some things.

And dug up somethings (those are grubs!eew!)

Participated in silly contest like crazy hair day!

I've learned that though some little girls rather play with cars instead of dolls, they can even change a cars diaper if gramma can be convinced to sew diapers for the car that fit! Amazing!

We attended Ballets, Soccer and Volley ball games to cheer each other on.

Played outside a lot!

and the dress up tea parties too!

We welcome 2 new loves to our family born on the same day one year apart :)

(we were in the waiting room at the hospital waiting for grandchild #10!)

And lastly I am thankful for this man, the Man of my house. He puts up with my crazy whims, and makes me things that he thinks are impossible to make. But I want it and so he finds a way to do it.....

Like making me this dining table from reclaimed lumber from my father farm.

That dear friends, is such a tiny little glimpse into my blessed life!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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  1. Awww!! Happy Thanksgiving to your family, Connie!

  2. And one of the biggest blessings is knowing that you are blessed and being grateful.
    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving Day with only tears of joy.

  3. I so loved going through these pictures and enjoying the happiness that you have built for yourself! The mother is the heart of the home - and when she becomes a grandmother her heart just makes room for more people!
    Your grandchildren are all so beautiful and I know these years spent with you will make a significant impact on their lives. You have taught them so much!
    I am so happy for you, Connie!

  4. You do have some wonderful monkeys there! Such great pictures of such wonderful memories! Happy Thanksgiving Connie -- even if a few days late!


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