Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wow Us Wednesday Link Party

Hi friends! I have made some changes; 2 actually. WUW link party is going away! Sadly yes! Click throughs are just not happening and with my time as limited as it is now I really don't see the point of continuing. I do still want to feature you though and in order to do that I have 2 new ways for you to get the word out about your blog post. 

Here's the first change;  I have created a group Pinterest board for you to Pin to instead of linking here on Wednesdays. Also I am going to try something I haven't seen done before; I'm going to try a perpetual link party page. You can link up there anytime you want. You will find a new page on my page bar above.  From these 2 places I will pull post that I like to feature on occasion or include in round ups. What do you think? Interested? Then read on......

I'm going to make a few easy rules. Please follow me on Pinterest and/or Facebook, or Google+, then email me at familyhomeandlife@gmail.com or leave a comment here to be invited to Pin on the new Family Home & Life link party board. I will need your Pinterest name in order to invite you to Pin. Pinterest requires you be my follower before I can invite you to pin. Please do not Pin more than 3 family friendly post per week! Also be patient, it may take me a while to get everyone added on new board.

For the Perpetual Link Party, also please follow me on Pinterest and/or Facebook, or Google+  before you link. Do not link more than 3 family friendly post per week. I'm sorry but abusers will be deleted!  I may find that if the Perpetual Party becomes to big I may have to delete old links.

I have no idea if these ideas will work or not but I think it would be fun to try. Please join me! I hope to see you there!

Perpetual Link Party

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  1. Would LOVE to be added to your new pinboard! Thank you!!!

  2. SO sorry, here is my pinterest profile: http://www.pinterest.com/mountainlife/ Thanks again!!!

  3. Thank you for doing this, Connie.
    My Pinterest link is: http://www.pinterest.com/redoitinspirati/
    I look forward to the continued fun!


  4. Sounds like a great idea. I am a new blogger and just discovered your site last week. I am interested to see how this new idea works out. My pinterest name is pinterest/homeandplate. Thanks again.

  5. Hello cute lady! it is always a pleasure to be a part of your party. Thank you for hosting. Please join us at our party tonight.We would be thrilled to have you! Happy Wednesday! Lou Lou Girls

  6. We'd love to be added to the pinterest group board!


  7. Good Luck on your new adventure!


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