Friday, April 21, 2017

Lost Domain Name and Other News

Well friends, it's been a while! I didn't check my blog email for months and the result is that I didn't see the email telling me my credit card on file was expired so my domain name would not be renewed. If I want to renew it now they are asking for lots of money so I'm not going to do it. In the mean time, please note that the address for this blog is now Family Life and Home That is . 

Papa and I 

Oh and this blog is not showing up in a Google search either even if the correct address is used, though I have found it will show up if I do a copy-paste into the title bar. Update: This blog just showed up when I did a Google search! So glad it did! 

I may or may not change my banner to read Family Life and Home. Haven't decided yet. But I have put many hours and years into this blog and I just couldn't bare to not have it available online. I sometimes look through it to see how my grand babies have grown. Lots of good times!

We are all well and the grand kids are growing up so fast! The oldest grand daughter is so tall, and at 11 she already is acting preteen. So sad! But shes a good girl and so sweet. Littlest is 2 1/2, and a handful; all boy! 

I had a rough patch that lasted almost a year, exhaustion, lots of pain all over my body, swollen joints, foggy brain, my knees got the worst of it. One day I couldn't remember how to take a shower! Should I wash my hair first? How do I use the soap? Or I might look at the tooth brushes and not know which one is mine. Papa had to install handicap bars in the bathroom, I needed help sometimes to get out of chairs; I never found out what was wrong with me but I just blame it on auto immune disease period. 

I have had the weirdest things happen to my body over the years, I'm just so grateful the symptoms eventually go away and I mostly return to normal. Honestly sometimes I want to talk about the issues but they are just so strange I'm afraid people will believe my problem is mental illness and nothing else! Maybe some day I will share the craziness!

And how are you? How is your family these days? I would love to know how you found your way to this post! Can you leave me a comment pretty please? I'm curious to know if links are working or not. Thanks so much! It will be good to hear from you!

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  1. Ok girl you better get well! I will say a prayer for you hun. I found my way over here via the other blog you shared in the Homemaking party today. I enjoyed it.


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