Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm Sorry About That!

Dear readers,

Yesterday I had my oldest granddaughter ( 5 yrs old) over for some one on one time. She wanted me to find her some coloring pages online to print out, so I started looking for some for her with her on my lap. We found a page she wanted and it had an ad for a free game that looked fun. She asked if she could play it so I said sure, and had to down load some stuff first. I didn’t take time to read the fine print.

We played the game together and it was a lot of fun! I was looking forward to having her over again so we could play it another time. Then today I started looking for a post I wrote a while back so I could email the link to someone. I started noticing lots of underlined words in all my post and I couldn’t remember having done that. When I put my cursor over the underlined word an ad popped up!
Well guess what, in the fine print I didn’t read I must have giving permission to that company to put their ads on my blog!!! I was furious to say the least! And I told them so, and then deleted the gaming program from my computer. O.K., blood pressure is coming down some now; all seems to be back to normal on my blog.

So if you visited my blog from February 20, 2012 in the morning until February 21 in the evening and you noticed those annoying ads, I am so sorry! I hope I never make that mistake again! Please be forewarned, downloading anything you do not fully understand can be bad news.

Let me just focus on this beautiful vintage picture (at the top) I found over at The Graphics Fairy. Isn’t it just wonderful? How can you not help but feel happy inside when you look at that? Thanks Graphics Fairy!


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