Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doll Quilts

A few months ago my husband and I were getting ready to leave the house with about 30 minutes to spare. We had an errand that required driving for a while then waiting in the car for a while, (possible a long long time) and then driving home.  I detest down time with nothing to do, so I scrambled around looking for something to take with me to work on.  I enjoy hand sewing a lot and needlework seemed the best option. I didn’t have a thing I could grab and go with so like a mad person I grabbed my rotatory cutter and some fabrics and quick put together a small doll size quilt top. I haven’t had time in years for actually making a full size quilt.  I have wanted to make some doll quilts for the grand kids to play with and I wanted them to look like full size quilts in miniature.

(All of my photos here seem to be a little lopsided. I think I was holding my camera at a bit of an angle. The quilts really are fairly squared up).

So began my doll quilt collection.  That first one is a bit of a mess, corners don't match so well, because I was rushing so much to get it put together. I have three made now and I love making them. Now please, those of you who are expert stitchers; don’t judge me here. I have some issues with my right thumb and forefinger so my perfect stitching days are over. That doesn’t mean I can’t hand sew just because I like it and the kids really love my little quilts. I’m sure each grand child will have at least one of these little quilts if not several. It gives me something to do with my hands and also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I finish one.

I didn’t use a pattern but cut my squares 2 ½ inches making a finished size of 2 inches each. The finished quilts are about 20 inches in size. I machine stitched them together and just kept adding fabric where I thought I needed it.  Then I added some simple embroidery. After that I sandwiched a piece of white flannel between the pieced top and the backing. Regular batting seemed too thick. All fabrics are pre-washed of course.  Then its basted to hold it all in place and I put it in an embroidery hoop to hold it while it’s quilted; starting from the center out. It’s easiest to making the backing an inch or so larger all the way around and then fold it over the raw edges and stitch down when the quilting is finished instead of binding it.

 On this one I cut the squares in half then stitched them together to make the pin wheels.

If you are someone who has always wanted to make your own quilt but felt intimidated to try it, this would be a great option for you because of the small size. They are beautiful and fun; and perhaps you have a little person in your life that would love to get one of these as a gift.

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  1. I was just washing / airing / taking pics of some quilt projects the other day !

    I am not an expert stitcher so you crack me up. You hurriedly prepared stuff to take with you on the errand running trip. Now, whatever time it took you for a "quick put together" would have taken me all day !

    Love the embroidery / so very pretty

  2. I got it into my head to make a quilt not so long ago. It's in process. Never done it before beyond pot holders and placemats. I should have thought of doll size!!

  3. Connie they are beautiful! Any little girl would love one of those. I love the little flowers made of ribbons -- such nice detail!

  4. Thanks everyone. I really love making them and don't mind that they will be loved and played with. The full size quilts require such an investment in time that I wouldn't want them dragged around the house like these! I always thought I would one day leave behind a huge stack of my handmade quilts, now maybe it will be a tiny stack of quilts :)

  5. I loved seeing these since I have two baby quilts "under construction" at home right now. That small, "unbulky" size is fun because the progress is so quick...and as you have found out, it makes a portable project so never a moment is wasted!

  6. These are the cutest things! I would have loved one when I was a little girl, to wrap my dolly in!

  7. They are beautiful - some dolls will feel very special.

  8. Thanks everyone! I just finish one and can't wait to start another.


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