Saturday, June 22, 2013

Say It Saturday

Welcome SIS'ers! Have you ever cleaned silver? I have a couple of pieces that I rarely polish. I have seen this idea on Pinterest to clean silver the easy way so thought I would give it a try.You use aluminum foil, baking soda and hot water letting the silver piece soak a while. The idea is that the aluminum foil will attract and pull the tarnish off of the silver...I guess a reaction to the baking soda and hot water. Here is my before.

And here is my after. Can't really tell the difference right? See those little bright ares? I tried it several times over most of the day, letting it sit and soak. I am sure it works for some one but apparently not for me. I tried more foil, more soda, and hotter water. It just didn't work, so back to cleaning my silver the old way which really didn't take as long as getting the foil out, adding the baking soda and then heating the water up to boiling. But the foil/soda/hot water could work better if the silver had relief images and designs, and the foil/soda/hot water method also would not gradually wear the silver out. 

(A little lopsided there isn't it? )

So tell me; did I do something wrong is is the whole foil/soda/hot water thing bogus? How do you clean silver?

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  1. Thanks for the party, Connie:))

    Bummer about that tip on cleaning silver:( I was hoping it would work!

  2. I have never head of that, I just use the silver cleaner. Thanks for trying it our for us.

  3. I remember cleaning sliver and I have never heard of that method before. I have had a hit or miss luck with tips on Pinterest, so it's good to see the results of this one.

  4. Sometimes the old ways work best : )
    Thanks for hosting, and have a blessed weekend.

  5. I cleaned silver as a kid and HATED it - so I have NEVER bought anything that needed to be cleaned. :) Have a couple of pieces from my beloved grandma that I keep stored for memories - those never tarnish! (The memories, that is -and I ignore the tarnish on the silver :) ).

  6. I have tried a lot of those EZ clean methods and found they did little or nothing for me. Maybe my stuff is too dirty? I guess there is no substitute for elbow grease. Thanks for the party.

  7. Thanks so much for the pArty!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}
    Thursday Titi's Spot for the Pin HOP

  8. Wow! an amazing transformation!
    I have used toothpaste. Really! Rub it in with a soft cloth, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

  9. I only use silver polish paste with the foam sponge it comes with. It works great and easily every time.

  10. Hi Connie, just liked your FB page and stumbled glad to meet you, will surely link up next week...following you on pinterest too....have a blessed day :)


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