Saturday, July 6, 2013

Say It Saturday

Hello friends! I am continuing on today with my Kids Club outing at the Phoenix First Assembly campus. I chose PFA for this outing because I wanted a place for the kids to see several different kinds of trees up close. I wanted them to see and feel the bark, and look at the leaves on the trees. Trees are different colors, have different textures and of course are different sizes. My goal on this outing was to teach them a few things about the different kinds of trees and teach them to really 'see' what they are looking at. 

(I want to remind you here that though the watermarking on these photos is annoying, I placed them with the intention of discouraging others from using my kids pics for their own purposes. Sorry!)

I walked around with the kids and asked them what shape leaves were and about the texture of the bark. I talked about different shades of green on each tree. I tried to keep it short because they don't really want too much info nor would they remember it. I didn't want them to get bored and lose interest either.

Those are the childrens class rooms and buildings in the back there for the church.

 They kids examined how the roots looked going into the ground in the middle pic. 

 I mostly talked about three different trees; Pines, Eucalyptus and Palo Verdes. Palo Verdes are native here and have green bark.

They all had a pink back packs from the dollar store that contained a pencil box, water colors, glue stick and tape, a pink sketch pad also from the dollar store, and a small container for water. We would stop now and then for them to sketch and paint a tree they liked. I encouraged them to study each tree and think about how the trunk looked and the shape of the leaves. I carried their drinking water with me to make sure they where drinking and didn't spill.

That's my daughter who came along to give me a hand with Itty Bitty should I need it. (Itty Bitty is her brothers child)

My goals were to teach them about their environment, and teach them to see what they are looking at, and have fun. Back at home we drew more pics in our pink sketch books and taped leaves and other found items in the sketch books. Then all the kids started playing as usually while I rested in my recliner :) It was a very good day and I so wish I could have an outing like that a couple of days a week. Wouldn't that be the life? 

What do you think? Want to start a kids club with your grand kids? 
I am so glad to have you here today! Thanks for coming and letting me share a tiny piece of my world with you! Can't wait to see what you link up :) 

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  1. Love the matching backpacks and club feel and look to it all. You come up with the best stuff to do ! :) The girls are adorable...all so pretty on their outing!

  2. Connie, you are so well organized and it paid off in a great meeting for the girls! I know the little cousins enjoyed your field trip, and you just know they learned things that they will refer to later in school. The pink back packs and supplies are a wonderful way to bond the girls into a group. I would have gone crazy for a chance like this when I was that age!

  3. I love the idea of a kids club. We used to do this kind of activities with Boy and his friends when they were little and it was a lot of fun for all of us.

  4. Thanks so much Connie for hosting! woot woot!!! =D

    Hope you are having a great weekend

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}
    Thursday Titi's Spot for the Silly HOP

  5. No need to apologize....I absolutely agree with you about protecting kids' photos! Wish I knew how to do that without the time consuming pic monkey! Your Kids Club outing was fantastic! What a neat idea to take them on a 'field trip' with a purpose! Kudos Grandma....for keeping them busy outside. I love the photo of you Pied Piping them along :)
    Thanks for a great smile maker this morning!
    Joan @ gramcrackercrumbs

  6. You are one lucky lady to be involved with these young folks. All our grands are grown and no little ones for us to play with any more. You are a great grand.


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